It’s 1947, a hardened detective sits in his dimly lit office contemplating the latest murder that has been put on his plate. It’s going to be a long, sleepless night but he is bound and determined to get to the bottom of his latest case.

That was the story we wanted to portray in this latest creative photoshoot I did with Jarrett. It was my first time ever working with studio lights. I literally had the umbrella reflector thingys on backwards at first! Luckily I am part of  some really awesome female photographer groups that let me know!

I was inspired to do this photoshoot by another facebook group I am a part of that’s doing a 52 week challenge. The week’s theme was “dark”. What better way to portray dark than a film noir photoshoot? It was a lot of trial and error and practice, but that’s what this art is all about. Practice!
My amazing hubby was such an awesome model too. I am so lucky to have someone that’s so supportive and will be involved in my creativity.
Please scroll down to check out the photos from the photoshoot.