When it Clicks”

Life is composed of a series of moments – a finite timeline of still images that make up our lives. As a photographer, it is my job to capture these images. My job is the art of suspending time – to preserve memories that might otherwise pass us by, to be lost in the jumble of our lives never to be recalled again; to show you the importance of preserving moments in time, the little memories that blend together to make the experiences of our life. Those little glances,  the smile of our loved ones, the changing of colors, the way your hair is moved by the breeze. The way you look at those  you love, and the way they look at you.


A single moment can transform a life, can capture the essence of who we are, and can be left behind so that those who come after us may remember us with ease. I am here to capture these moments in time, those pivotal moments, so that you and your loved ones can look back and remember in detail these times that have passed. Great times of joy, or subtle times ofhappiness that you may have forgotten to appreciate as you were swept away in the moment. I help to gather and preserve these fragments of time, to help piece together the best moments, for each moment tells a tale – when we gather enough of these moments, the story of a life can be told.

Special thanks to Jarrett for helping me come up with this when I had writer’s block and for helping me make it better and blog-worthy.

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