The year and the decade are coming to a close! My personal journey through the last 10 years has been extremely enlightening. My artistic journey has made me grow in ways I didn’t even know I wanted to grow in! I have learned so much about my style of art, my niche, what I want to do, who I want to work with, and how to create beautiful images. I could not have done it without the love and support of the friends I found along the way. Especially in this last year. There are so many new people in my life that are walking along my artistic path with me and I with them. I feel so honored to have so many like minded individuals surrounding me, fueling each other’s creativity and helping each other grow.
I am looking forward to the coming years of new photoshoots, artistic and personal growth, and making beautiful works of art!
Below is a compilation of some of my favorites from the past year. Thank you for taking this journey around the sun with me and for all of your support and love.

Poison Ivy Cosplay, steampunk style.
Adult Cake Smash
Film Noir project
Queen of Hearts Cosplay
Morticia and Gomez cosplay
Nykirah Portrait session
Spirited away cosplay
Loveland Colorado Portrait Photographer
Valentine’s Day
Loveland Colorado Portrait Photographer
Valentine’s Day
portrait photography Longmont, CO
Speakeasy Photoshoot
Fort Collins Colorado Photoshoot
Goth Disney Princess group shoot
cosplay photoshoot colorado
Alice in Wonderland cosplay photoshoot.
Colorado Portrait Photography
Bohemian Vibes group shoot.
creative portrait photoshoot loveland colorado
Barbie Girl
fashion photoshoot fort collins colorado
Grunge style fashion photoshoot
portrait photoshoot greeley, co
Vintage Style fashion photoshoot.
Princess Mononoke Cosplay
General Leia and Han Solo couple’s photoshoot
Doctor Who Couples photoshoot
Spooky Portraits with Mollie
couples photoshoot greeley colorado
Halloween couples photoshoot.
Evil Queen cosplay photoshoot
Vintage style pinup portraits
Halloween group shoot at Wonder Wonder
Ballet Portraits
Goth Portrait Photoshoot.
Loveland Portrait Photoshoot
Wild Woman Portrait
Rawr XD
Christmas meetup at Wonder Wonder
20’s Style Photoshoot.

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