I decided to take a series of photos that depict a typical day in my life. Nothing too fancy or exciting, just a few photos from a different angle that I thought would be fun.

I start my mornings off by feeding my cats and drinking some coffee. I do a quick scroll through Facebook and check my emails. Then get ready for work. I don’t have any photos of me at work, just before and after.

Galileo and Me looking out the window, drinking coffee.
Ready to go to Work

After Work:
Every day after work, the first thing I do when I get home is feed the cats of course. Then I go out and water the garden. Some days I go to the gym or my barre class, other days I stay home and cook dinner. Gym days really depend on how busy the work day was, some days I stay home and do yoga instead.

Standing next to a pumpkin that is growing in my garden.
Making Dinner
Ready for the Gym

So there it is. My day in a nutshell. Nothing too exciting but it was kind of fun taking these photos from a different angle.



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