On Saturday I hosted my 4th annual Halloween Party. It was, as the title suggests, Lord of the Rings themed. We had so much Shire food! It was great. The party was extremely successful mostly due to Pintrest but had a lot to do with mine and Jarrett’s love of Lord of the Rings. I have my mom to thank for that. If she was looking down on us, I think she’d be proud of the theme, our costumes, and the food.

Below I have photos of the food I made along with links to the blogs  I found the recipes on. Thanks for looking, I hope this provides some inspiration for your next dinner party, no matter the theme.

Photo of my traditional Halloween table
Details before the food was laid out. I used leaves I found from the yard.
Nice little detail Jarrett thought of. The Adventurer’s Deed of Contract.
Merry’s Harvest Punch (click the photo for the recipe)


Bilbo’s Sponge Cake (click photo for recipe)
Second Breakfast
Bifur’s Apple tart. (click photo for recipe)


Guacamole, made specifically for this great meme Jarrett came up with.

         The whole spread from left to right: Merry’s Shire Punch, Elevensies, Lembas Bread, Second Breakfast (also has potatoes and vegan sausage pictured here), Guacamole, Bifurs Apple Tart, bread, Pippins Mulled Wine, and Po-tay-toh Soup.

It was a great dinner party; a feast fit for hobbits! I hope you all enjoy these posts and recipes (none of which are affiliate, I just want to give credit where it’s due)

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