Gilcrest, Colorado got it’s very own library recently! I was the photographer from start to finish. The first photo I took was in December of last year.¬† I took photos of the empty lot to the laying of the foundation, the building of the walls, installation of the solar panels to the grand opening!

Nantes Library is named after the town of Gilcrest’s original name which was changed in 1907. This library was inspired by Passive House movement and is one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the United States. Please feel free to click the link to find out more info. Some of the amazing energy efficient features includes a reflective metal cool roof, the energy of just 4 to 6 hair dryers to heat the entire building. It has solar panels that should take¬† care of all the electricity in the building. It has cellulose insulation that is equivalent to over 13,000 recycled newspapers. They used local beetle kill pine for the ceilings. There is so much more that makes this library energy efficient.

The library’s mission statement is: “To serve as a resource center for information, education, culture, and leisure; facilitated by revenue generated from the legally defined service area of the Platteville Public Library.”

Please scroll down to see some of the photos of the grand opening:


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