Winter  is so hard to be creative for me. When the weather changes and the snow is on the ground, wind blowing, temperatures freezing or below, I get a creative block. So when I got an email from a model here in Greeley, CO asking to work with me, I was thrilled! Although I had no earthly idea what we were going to do or what direction I wanted to go in…It turned out great though. I decided to go more edgy, gothic, punk, grunge style for this photo shoot. It didn’t stay that way, it went   a little more whimsical, which was a ton of fun. This model was fantastic. She was creative, self driven, and confident! It was the first time I actually photographed a model before but we did a great job. I will admit that I was a bit nervous for this photo session before the fact and I felt a little awkward since it was the first time shooting a model before. But we rocked it. (She more than I during the shoot)

Here is a collection of the photos I got that day. Thanks for looking!


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