The where and when’s of photography are an important thing to consider when you’re booking your session. I get asked every time where I would recommend we shoot. I am an on location photographer so all my ideas are outdoors. I’ve compiled a list of places I think are the best for photography sessions.

Taken at Cheesman Park, Denver, CO

Parks: They give a nice variety of back drops depending on where you go. I am fond of

Glenmere Park in Greeley, CO personally. That park in particular has many different places to go that make for beautiful backgrounds. There’s a duck pond, a tree lined walk way, a little bridge, a gazebo, and a play ground. Not to mention all the trees throughout the park. I have done many photo shoots at Glenmere Park and all of them are unique.

taken in Glenmere ParkNatural Areas: Shooting in natural areas are fun for some of the same reasons as shooting in parks; you get a variety of back grounds and trees to be in front of and each session is unique. They are usually bigger than parks too so there’s more places to walk around and get different shots. I’ve done quite a few shoots in various natural areas. I love how many different shots I can get when I shoot outdoors like that. I am a big believer in variety with your photo shoots so places where we can walk around and get different amazing shots are key.  In both parks and natural areas, you can bring props with you to your shoot too as there is plenty of room. You can bring a nifty chair, or set up a little lace tent, sometimes you can even bring your horse!

Taken at Butterfly Woods, Laport, CO

Cities: Taking photos in the big city can be a lot of fun! There are so many different places to go depending on your city. In Denver, we have Union Station which I have done a couple photo shoots in. There are old historic buildings that are great to have as a back drop. Cities are a great place to find muraled walls which can make for an amazing background for photos. Cities come with their own props too, for instance a bike rack or a bench to sit on, curbs to balance on, outdoor seating in some parts of Denver are available. Stairs are great and even light posts can make decent props.

Portrait in Ft. Collins
This portrait was taken in Ft. Collins, CO


Neighborhoods: Small neighborhoods offer a variety of places to photograph portraits too believe it or not. I work in Windsor, CO and when I drive to work, I see all these great fences with trees and shrubs growing out over them and think “this would be a great place to shoot portraits”.

The Red Queen
This photo was taken in my own backyard!

No matter where you decide to go, the thing to remember is that these photos are going to represent you as an individual. So if you’re into the city life, let’s pick a spot in the city and go for a photo walk. If you want your photos to focus on you more than your surroundings, I would suggest a park or natural area. Even your back yard can be a good place to shoot a portrait session. I like all three of these types of places because they are so versatile. There are so many options to choose from no matter where you go for your photo shoot.

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