You only graduate from High School once in your lifetime, unless of course you’re a vampire on Twilight, then you can graduate as many times as you want. But since that’s most likely not the case, you’re going to want your senior photos to show who you are and be memorable and awesome (just like you!) I have compiled some tips for your session to help you prepare.

  1. Bring a few outfits.
    You wear different clothes on a daily basis, bring a couple of your favorite outfits to your session. You can bring your sports jersey, letter jacket, favorite dress, etc. Just make sure what you bring is reflective of you as a person. This session is to show off who you are as you graduate from High School.
  2. Accessorize!
    I don’t mean just some jewelry or a belt (although if that’s what you want to bring, then by all means, bring it!) I would like to see musical instruments, pointe shoes, footballs, dogs, horses, books, skateboards, headphones, whatever emphasizes You. You are what is important, this time of your life is important and I want to capture it so that you can look back and remember who you were and see who you have become. I want to see your hobbies and loves. I want you to be enthusiastic about your photos! These are for you and you’re great!
  3. Ladies, pamper yourselves
    If you’re into makeup and manicures I would suggest you go for it. Little details help make photos great. And if it makes you feel great, your photos will reflect that. I want to reiterate though, this is for you, if you’re not a makeup and updo kinda gal, then pass. Do you! You’re beautiful no matter what! I want you to feel good and sometimes make up and getting our hair done makes us ladies feel beautiful. What makes you shine is what I want coming out of your photos.
  4. Guys, pamper yourselves too!
    Again, make yourselves feel great. Get a nice haircut and style before your shoot. Or get yourselves some new clothes. I want you to do what makes you feel great!
  5. I know I said that these photos are for you, and they are, however, they’re for other people too. Your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other friends. One of them is going to be displayed in your yearbook for all of eternity. That being said, make sure you get plenty of rest the day before your shoot. Eat a healthy meal or smoothie or something. If you’re planning on getting a hair cut, make sure you get it a few days to a week before the shoot to make sure it relaxes down and looks peachy. If you’re going with a new outfit, make sure it fits comfortably and looks like you. If you’re going to get a facial or your brows waxed, do it a few days before your shoot to make sure you don’t have a reaction or redness when you show up for your photo session. If you come looking and feeling your best, your photos are going to reflect that.

I hope that these little tips help with your planning and prepping of your senior photo shoot. If you have any further questions, hop on over to my contact me page and shoot me an email, I’d be happy to answer any questions about your photo session.

I am currently accepting clients for the class of 2018 also, so if you would like to book with me head on over to that contact page and let me know where you’re located, when you want to schedule your shoot, and we will go from there!

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