It has been on my bucket list to visit New Orleans since I started reading vampire novels as a young teenager. Finally, I got to cross it off the list and see the Big Easy for myself. We packed so much into a 4 day trip! Here is what we did and photos to go along with it:

We went on a tour of St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery.


The one below is believed to be the oldest tomb in the cemetery.



We saw the future resting place of Nicholas Cage. It’s the white pyramid. Unfortunately I didn’t get a very good photo of it that time.

We saw the tomb of renown voodoo queen Marie Laveau:


People used to be able to leave offerings and gifts at her tomb but it’s now closed to the public unless you’re part of a tour due to vandalism.

That night we went on a walking tour that featured ghosts and vampires! Below is the house of ┬áMadame Delphine LaLaurie. Her house is said to be so haunted that Nicholas Cage bought it to stay there during his trips to the city but will not because of all the spooky things that go on there! The house a few doors down is the one they used in American Horror Story: Coven. I’ll show the actual Coven house in the Garden District later.
New Orleans

We walked around the center of New Orleans a lot! New Orleans has some of the coolest houses and architecture I have ever seen!

We saw live music being played every day all day long. This group was playing in Jackson Square:

We walked down to where the Mississippi river is and saw a river boat and the bridge across the river. We also saw a Love Locks fence that has a board saying “Love Wins”

For brunch one day, we went to a place called “The Ruby Slipper”. I think there are two of the in New Orleans. I would highly recommend this place but if you go, make sure you get on the waitlist online ahead of time. We were in New Orleans in the middle of the week after Mardi Gras and it was still very busy.

New Orleans

We absolutely had to check out the Vampire Cafe! It was a must have experience! We got baked brie and a couple of their signature cocktails.

Bourbon Street is hot mess at night. But what is a trip to New Orleans without it? We braved it once the first night we were there and thought it was a bit crazy. But on Thursday, that is when the party really started! We braved it once on Thursday to get to an Absinth bar but took a street over to get back to the hotel. It was like night and day!

We went into a Voodoo shop, had a few pints at an Irish pub, ate a TON of delicious food, and did more walking in those four days than either of us has done in the past year!

New Orleans House of Blues for dinner and live music:

Absinth Bar- for the experience…

Breakfast at Cafe Beignet on our last day in the city.

We spent part of a day riding the streetcar to and from the Garden District to see all the neat old mansions, the real life coven house from American Horror story (!!!!!), and the house Anne Rice used to live!

These are photos of the of the Coven House:
It is someone’s private residence so I didn’t want to loiter too long and only took photos with my phone.

The next ones are the house where one of my favorite authors, Anne Rice, used to live.
(Also a private residence):

Next are a few random photos from our walk around the Garden District. That place is beautiful!

Pretty sure this house is haunted…

Last but certainly not least: Beignets! We went to Cafe Du Monde almost every day for beignets and cafe au lait. Highly recommend! We found a order window towards the back where the line was a lot shorter than the main line. It’s a cash only establishment, so go prepared!