Princess Mononoke is a wonderful movie by Studio Ghibli about a young man, Akitasha, who is infected by a cursed animal attack. He travels far and wide to find a cure from the deer-like god of the forest, Shishigami. In his travels he faces many tribulations and finally comes to meet San, a forest girl who rides a giant wolf. San is trying to keep the humans from the village from destroying her home. The animals are becoming cursed and the humans are trying to eliminate the forests. Akitasha wants peace between the two and San wants to save her home.

My synopsis does not do this compelling movie justice. It is a beautiful movie about the conflict between humans and nature. I highly recommend seeing it, if you haven’t already.

This photoshoot was based on San, the wolf girl who is doing what she can to save her home and family from the greed and destruction of humankind.

In this photoshoot, model Aiden Adore ( and I went to Lee Martinez Park in Fort Collins, CO to execute this Princess Mononoke cosplay.

Personally, this photoshoot means a lot to me. Not only does the movie’s themes and morals speak to me on a deep level, the cosplay itself is my own creation! I made the mask, cape, and ears all from scratch. You can see the mask progress here. I improved upon it a lot since writing that blog. I am proud of how the mask came out and so beyond excited about how these photos came out!

Scroll through to see the amazing Princess Mononoke Cosplay photos we got:














































































































































































































































































































Can you spot the tree spirits in that last photo?

Thank you so much for scrolling through these photos. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed creating this.

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